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தெர்ர்ர்றி – கதற கதற

The advantage or disadvantage of a regular cinema goer [ who can identify the voice of smoking causes cancer warning :) ] comes where he recollects other movies/scenes/frames while watching a movie and he predicts every single what’s next?  Also,  there are 2 types of Spoofs – 1 is direct like Thamizh padam [ What happened to CS Amuthan’s Irandavadhu padam ? ] and the other one is though the creators seriously copy which evokes broad smiles in us [ remember Beema ].

Remember the best moments in action flicks came in a regular masala films – Kidnapping Dhanalakshmi from Muthu pandi gang, , Hero picking up the cycle chain in college fight, Shutter closing in a subway, Collector, SP negotiating with Surya, Deva etc ! In fact more brilliance is needed in action films rather than doing the regular films.


 Serene Life, Silent introduction, pop cut one-side lover, over-speech kid [ Child labor runs in the genes ]. “You know what” kinds of build-ups, a violent flashback [ சுதந்திரப் போராட்டம்னா என்னான்னு தெரியுமா ? ],  even more violent songs, sentiments – that Jithu Jiladi [ Deva can become voice artist in Kung Fu Panda 4 ], Villain, revenge, Songs with 64k Microsoft Color palette costumes and then a slow motion high -decibel Intermission – There you feel like you are hanging upside down under a river bridge with legs tied to the bridge  [ Yes ! It tires u for 75 mins]. The rest is history, geography and moral science sessions.

Review :

The common man commercial Cinema has some usual elements and the challenge with this film is that it ensures every single cliché that has been around since the early Malaikallan days. For ex.,  Hero should have a single mother and heroine should have single father [ Thaayillaa ponnu ]; after all regular fights hero has to fight against a giant henchman [ his weak point is his tonsured head ! ].  There are similar clichés planted in every single frame of the movie.  There’s even a Bride search scene [ Thupaki sentiment ! ]. The film has so many characters where I felt there are more characters in the movies than the full house Sathyam Cinema theatre audience.

Atlee has overtaken all of those creators and I could recollect anything & everything starting from Unforgiven, Sathriyan, Jallikattu, Mounaragam, Arasu, Basha, Ramana, Gabbar singh [ telugu ], Indian, Gajini [ late night bus romance ], Dharmathin Thalaivan,  kaaka kaaka and mix with real life incidents of Nirbaya, TCS Uma maheswari [ Adhula Raghavan’s instinct vere ], Ezham ulagam [ attai maadiri oru NSC Bose road set ], Salman khan, etc., I wonder about those great story discussion sessions where they might have referred at least 100 Tamil/Telugu films. The dialogues are like dictionary definitions.. They define the words [ like Vithyabathi ! ] love, son, mother, son-in-law, marriage.. and what not ! Theri will stand like a Britannica reference in the future for any sentiments [ a modern Vikraman version ] . They could have stolen from Iruthi sutru depicting the commissioner Prabhu as the father of Samantha – Nalla velai. Anyway, I don’t blame the crew as their only goal is to make a hit film with the given call sheets and the heavy weight budget. Of course, they succeeded.

Vijay – He needs a special mention for carrying the entire film on his shoulders. He loves, cares, jokes, strikes, punches [ the dialogues ] and advises with a truck load of messages with some amazing screen presence shots –  he even mocks Aadukalam dance. As usual he dances sincerely even for a marana waste song like Jithu Jiladi and fights until u feel the blood/cramps in you. I still recollect good melody song in most of his films [ Azhagooril poothavale, Melliname, Kandangi, Molachu moonu ] and that’s heavily missing in Theri. it was like we entered a scary house where you get voices like Deva and the whistling Therrrrriiii BGM voices. Atlee didn’t even want to lose the gap of end title credits and inserts a dance number there. I was scared that even after we come out of the theater Atlee could send some “deleted” song in my WhatsApp. GVPrakash needs a special mention for such lousy songs.

I know.. Dir Mahendran. We all know why the legend was asked to be around in Theri [ Did he act ?]  again He’s reminded Chidambaram with the missing lengthy dhothi on shoulder warning Viswanath IAS  ! ]. In fact, we are happy that if this helps the legend, let his round begin as an actor.

சத்ரியனைத்தான் ரீமேக் பண்ணிடாங்களோன்னு நம்ம்ம்பி உள்ள போய்ட்டம்மா.. உள்ள போனா.. ஒரு 50 – 60 தமிழ் படங்களைத் துண்டு துண்டா எடுத்து ஒரு ஒன்றை மணி நேரம் டான்ஸ், ஃபைட், பில்டப்பு ன்னு கதற கதற அடிச்சானுங்க.. முடிஞ்சுதுடா சாமின்னு எந்திருச்சா அப்போ தான் இண்டர்வல் னு போட்டானுங்கம்மா.. அதுக்கு அப்றம்.. விஜய்யே கோஸ்ட் கோபாலா மாறி மகேந்திரனையும், நம்மளையும் மாறி மாறி கதற கதற அடுத்த ஒன்றை மணி நேரம் பழி வாங்கினார்ம்மா.. நானும் எவ்ளோ நேரம் தான் விஜய் ரசிகன் மாதிரியே நடிக்கறது.. சரி போகுதுறான்னு பாத்தா.. ஜிவிபிரகாஷ்ன்னு ஒருத்தன்மா.. சரி விடு.. இதெல்லாம் பத்தாதுன்னு படம் முடிச்சி பேர் போடும்போதும் அங்கயும் ஒரு பாட்டு போட்டானுங்க.. போட்டுட்டு அவங்க ஒண்ணு சொன்னானுங்க.. டேய் ! இவனுங்க எப்படி எடுத்தாலும் பாக்கறானுங்கடா.. பார்ட் 2 எடுத்து போடுவம்டான்னு.. அவ்….:)

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